Ameerah Palacios

Ameerah Palacios may live in Louisville. But when she decided to have Lap Band bariatric surgery to lose weight, she chose Caldwell Medical Center. The results have been dramatic. “I’ve lost more than 70 pounds since I had the surgery in June 2022!” Ameerah says. “I couldn’t be more delighted with my progress!”

Dr. John Mobley, a board-certified general surgeon with Caldwell Medical Center, performed the procedure, which places an adjustable silicone band around the stomach to reduce its capacity, helping to retrain the patient to eat less. The surgery is minimally invasive, safe, and reversible if desired.

A recipient of lap band surgery 19 years ago, Dr. Mobley has first-hand knowledge of the many long-term health benefits that can result from the procedure. He was one of the reasons Ameerah chose Caldwell Medical Center. “I wanted a doctor who would get me results, and that’s exactly what Dr. Mobley did. He’s very truthful and honest as well as a good listener,” Ameerah explained.

The hospital staff was another reason. In addition to Dr. Mobley, her care team included a certified bariatric nurse, a bariatric dietitian, a clinical psychologist, and a sensitive and caring, well-organized office team.

“Everyone is so friendly and considerate,” says Ameerah. Today, Ameerah is still losing weight. “My goal is to lose another 40 pounds,” she says. “With Dr. Mobley’s help, and the incredible bariatric team to guide me, there’s no doubt I’ll get there soon!”

For more information visit, or contact Denise Kirk, Bariatrics and Weight Loss Coordinator, at 270-365-4235.