Pediatric Therapy Services


Expert Pediatric Therapy Services

Caldwell Medical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center is now offering Pediatric Therapy services close to home, with an experienced staff that has our patients’ best interest in mind.Whether you’re in search of pediatric physical therapy, cognitive or pediatric speech therapy, our team is here to help. 

Pediatric Therapy Services Offered

Caldwell Medical Pediatric Therapy program offers comprehensive services designed to fit each child’s unique needs. With our unmatched support through our partnership with Caldwell County and Dawson Springs school systems, we provide individualized pediatric therapy treatment plans suited to their needs and are there every step of their journey.

From cognitive learning to physical and speech therapy, we can help provide the care and support your child needs to help them prosper and grow every day.

Why Choose Caldwell Pediatric Therapy Services?

When you choose Caldwell Medical Center for pediatric therapy, you’re choosing a place that is dedicated to providing your child the resources they need to grow every day. We are committed to creating an environment that promotes learning and growth for your children.  

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Caldwell Medical Therapy Clinic or call us directly at 270-365-9599.