Caldwell Medical Center Adds New Technology and Services

Caldwell Medical Center is continuing its mission of bringing you state of the art healthcare right here at home. This week marks another turn in that journey to better patient service and satisfaction with the installation of our new Canon Aquilion Prime CT machine. This new equipment marks several improvements and upgrades including an increase from 64 slice to 160 slice ability, faster scan times,  clearer images, and cardiac capabilities. These new features will allow our facility to increase our scope of care and provide even more options for our community to stay closer to home for testing that you would have had to travel for in the past. We will also be offering new services not previously available such as cardiac scans that look for blockages and provide a less invasive option to asses your heart health. 

“We are committed to giving our community the quality of care that they need, want, and deserve. Investment in equipment with state of the art technologies provides new service capabilities that offer so many benefits to our local residents that it is hard to justify not purchasing this sort of equipment,” commented CEO Dan Odegaard, “I want our friends, families and neighbors to receive high quality services form people they know, in the comfort of their own community, and with the peace of mind that they are getting care worthy of their time and effort.” 

While the new equipment is being installed the hospital has brought in a mobile CT unit to prevent a gap in services to any patients needing CT scans. The mobile unit has equivalent capabilities of the existing CT machine at Caldwell Medical Center and will be onsite until the new machinery is installed and operational.

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[Caldwell Medical Center is a nonprofit healthcare provider specializing in inpatient and outpatient care in the Caldwell and Lyon County areas. We strive to raise and maintain the standards of community health through education, prevention, and the treatment of illness.  Our aim is to create a happier and healthier community through competency, consistency, and compassionate care. Caldwell Medical Center is your partner for better quality healthcare services for you and your family, right here at home.]


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