Keith Adcock

When Keith Adcock suddenly fell ill, he chose Caldwell Medical Center, even though the hospital was 42 miles away. “I was visiting my mother in Madisonville when I started feeling dizzy and nauseated,” Keith explains. “I barely made it to the bathroom before I collapsed. When my wife Teresa arrived, I told her I wanted to go to Caldwell Medical because everybody knows me there.”

When Keith arrived at the hospital, the staff rushed him to the ER, where two nurses were waiting to provide immediate care. “I didn’t even have to register,” Keith remembers. Dr. Michael Howard, the emergency room physician on duty, ordered an EKG and a brain scan. When all of the tests came back negative, Dr. Howard told Keith that he had an inner ear problem and gave him medication.

“Thirty minutes later, I was ready to go home,” Keith says. “The care I received was unbelievable. In less than an hour, they figured out the problem and fixed it. I’m so thankful to the nurses and Dr. Howard. Ten years ago, when I had a heart attack, Caldwell Medical Center saved my life. Unlike other rural communities, we’re fortunate to have such a capable medical facility right here in our hometown. Caldwell Medical Center is the hospital I trust.”