Moving Forward Together – Imaging Diagnostic Services


Caldwell Medical Center remains committed to patient safety and care as we all continue to move forward in resuming normal practices and procedures. As always, it is our goal to ensure that our patients are comfortable and well-informed every time a visit or stay at our hospital is needed. Whether you need an annual wellness exam, require a test or procedure, or are simply seeking consultation on ways to better improve your life and wellness, we’re here to help.

For example, monitoring your overall health can mean eating healthy, exercising, and making sure to see your doctor on a regular basis for preventative measures. It is vital to seek expertise when it is needed, which is why our Imaging Department continues every day to safely and effectively perform mammograms, MRI’s, colonoscopies, and many other important diagnostic tests you may need.

When it comes to your health, preliminary scans can make an extraordinary difference for early detection. At Caldwell Medical Center, we remain confident in our ability to safely serve our patients, and continue to encourage anyone with diagnostic needs not to delay important screenings!