Jennifer Snow

Before Jennifer Snow had Lap-Band surgery at Caldwell Medical Center this past March, she weighed more than 250 pounds. Today, she weighs less than 200 and is moving steadily toward her goal of 150 pounds. In addition, Jennifer’s blood pressure is much lower, and her blood sugar level is almost back to normal.

Lap-Band surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that places a thin, adjustable band around the upper part of the stomach to create a new, smaller stomach pouch. Bariatric surgery reduces the size of the stomach, which in turn affects your metabolism. The diet following Lap-Band Surgery is very specific and Caldwell Medical Center provides the best practices to help patients follow the diet.

After researching his background, Jennifer chose Dr. John Mobley, a board-certified general surgeon with a special interest in weight-loss surgery. “I was really impressed,” Jennifer says. “Dr. Mobley is very compassionate. I highly recommend him.” The outpatient surgery was super convenient for Jennifer. “I was at the hospital at noon and back home at 4:30,” she says. “Dr. Mobley and the staff provided excellent care.” 

Caldwell Medical Center provides patients with a personalized “Bariatric Guide” to ensure a successful journey to a new, healthier lifestyle. This Bariatric Guide has the required forms, general information and educational literature that a patient needs as they go through the process from pre-op following surgery. 

“I cannot stress enough how awesome Dr. Mobley and the nurses are,” Jennifer says. “I wish I had done this 20 years ago!”