Sleep Lab

Sleep Lab

Millions of Americans experience long-term and occasional sleep disorders every year resulting in fatigue, irritability, lack of concentration, and potentially more severe consequences. These issues can cause problems with your everyday life and even affect the well-being of others.

Our team of qualified sleep specialist will work with you and your insurance provider to establish what the best method of testing is for your situation. We offer hospital evaluation in our state-of-the-art sleep lab as well as the Home Sleep Testing (HST) device that lets you gather the relevant health information from the comfort of your own home.

Our sleep lab is much like a nice hotel room. It is not home, but it will keep you comfortable for a short stay. Sleep data includes: your chest and leg movements, brain waves, muscle tension and movement, heart rate, air flow, and your oxygen levels.

The HST that you use in your own home measures the following: heart rate, oxygen levels, airflow, and chest movement.

Don’t let a sleep disorder plague your waking hours. Let us help you get on a path to better health, today.