Canon MRI


Introducing the Canon Vantage Fortian MRI

Caldwell Medical Center is proud to announce the arrival of the Canon Vantage Fortian MRI machine, the latest in advanced medical imaging technology!

This machine is designed with patient comfort in mind, offering faster exam times, more comfortable positioning, free breathing technology, an MR theater feature to help relax patients with a virtual, immersive experience, and Pianissimo Zen technology that offers whisper quiet scanning for a more calming feel.

Additionally, the Vantage Fortian is built with intelligent workflow and image-processing technologies that provide your medical team with clear, sharp and distinct images using 2D, 3D, Fast 3D and parallel imaging technology for reduced distortion, motion correction and advanced diagnosis capabilities.

The addition of the Canon Vantage Fortian MRI is just one more way Caldwell Medical Center is leading the way in healthcare excellence for our community!

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 270-365-0300.