Moving Forward Together – Cardiac Care Services


Offering a wide range of cardiac care services, the Cardiology Department at Caldwell Medical Center continues to serve our patients in a sanitized and safe environment, following healthcare guidelines and practices to ensure the comfort and care this community expects and deserves.

We understand that recovering from a heart attack or stroke, or dealing with any other ailment related to heart health, can often be a long and difficult road. From expert analysis, diagnosis, treatment, and the overall care needed for optimal heart health, we want to make sure our patients know that we are here to help! Our individualized outpatient treatment plans are based on each patients diagnosis, and are designed to help in minimizing symptoms, reducing disability, and improving independence – all right here, close to home.

Our goal is to do everything possible to create a safe environment for patients and our staff. While caution is still important, we understand that timely and appropriate healthcare is too. Ask us how we can help!