Coronary Artery Calcium Testing

Coronary Artery

Learn About Your Heart Health With a Simple Scan!

A coronary artery calcium (CAC) test is a simplified CAT scan that measures the amount of calcium build-up in the walls of the heart arteries. Because calcium usually deposits in artery walls inside cholesterol plaques, also call artheroscerlosis, the presence of calcium in heart arteries is an indirect indicator that cholesterol plaques are present. A high CAC score predicts future heart attack risk in men and women. Prevention guidelines consider a CAC score to be a reasonable test for helping providers and patients decide on the best ways to lower and manage heart health risks!

Caldwell Medical Center is now able to offer CAC testing thanks to the additional of our new Aquillon Prime CT Machine, designed for faster scan times and clearer image production. This technology provides a much less invasive option to assess heart health, and allows us to measure, diagnose and monitor heart health issues.

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